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I’m such a hopeless romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe in love at first sight. It’s shit.


Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

I want to go back to happy.

Refusing to believe this is you, but if it is I know I deserve better. Believe in your fate & trust your karma. Patience.

For once its not you I’m thinking about. If nothing else comes out of this, I’ve finally gained the perspective I needed. With you, I’ve not lost anything.

I wished for you.

Is my life for real right now? I find someone who is more crazy about me than I am for them.. but I seriously like them. The over niceness doesnt bother me.. begging me to stay yesterday then not texting me all today & not answering my calls. Ive sent 5 texts now, its verging on crazy. I don’t understand? What to do :(

I’m being one of those people that smiles in public at texts. Fuck.. feels good being happy.