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youre a fucking little cunt and i cant wait till karma comes your way you little hoe!

Before i change my tumblr.. just so i can tell my side to whoever is saying this..

Me & manveer have not been happy for months.. We have been seeing each other for a year yet I havent spent time with him in over maybe.. hmm 4/5months. Last time I seen him was after town when he was steaming, he stayed with me for maybe an hour. When we talked the conversation would be like “hmm” “fair enough” “ok then” “right then”.. He was going out, texting girls the entire time and flirting with them, whilst saying to me I wasnt allowed to get with any boys. He said to all his friends that me & him were nothing anymore and that we didnt speak, these being his best friends. A month ago I said I was done.. although we were both done a long long time ago, neither of us had the guts to say it though. Whatever I have done since then has nothing to do with anyone and considering he fucked someone the day we broke up the first time we were going out, he has no right to say anything. Although that is not what I done. 
People who are spreading shit to Manveer have only upset him and fucked with people’s feelings when you do not know the situation. If you have anything to say about me, please say it to me and not him. It’s entirely inappropriate, and if anyone knows whos saying it i’d really appreciate it if you said something to me.
Please remember this is not your life. You have made my life shit for the past 4 days, getting so much shit from people who do not know the situation and upsetting someone who i cant even speak to right now. Get your story right before you spread it or keep your fucking nose out. It’s beyond irritating. 


Barbara Kruger - The Globe Shrinks (2012)

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I wish I had never been told what I had last night.. literally every word was absolutely heart breaking and soul destroying. I never knew how bad it was until then.. and now everything’s ten times harder.

"What did my fingers do before they held him? What did my heart do, with its love?"

- Sylvia Plath (via imfantasyparade)